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Spin Fun Knowin Ya
The gang has fun that keeps coming back around.

House Warming
Moving into a new house has never been so exciting.

Helping Helps
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a flying squirrel?

Crazy Antics
Just a snifflin' anteater out for a friendly lunch.

Havin a Ball
It's bear-bonding time for "Pop and Cub."

Nuttin Wrong with Candy
Nutty the squirrel learns not to take candy from strangers.

Pitchin Impossible
Life is a game of chances, so you better watch out!

Wheelin and Dealin
Lifty and Shifty will steal your heart.

Stayin Alive
Disco Bear cuts a rug with some happy friends.

Off the Hook
Lumpy snags Russell...hook, line and sinker!

Mime and Mime Again
Deer Mime brings a sick child a little joy.

Water You Wading For
Come on in...the water's fine.

This Is Your Knife
Flippy the war vet has flashbacks during a friendly campfire.

Treasure These Idol Moments
Don't look too closely or splat goes the Happy Tree Friends!

Snow What
Giggles saves a life but not her own.

Chip Off the Ol Block
Cub is rescued from harm and placed directly in the line of fire.

Nuttin but the Tooth
Tooth decay is slowing Nutty down...but not for long says Toothy!

Tongue Twister
What happens when a fleshy warm tongue meets frozen pond surface?

Meat Me For Lunch
Fresh sliced raccoon sandwiches, YUM!

You're Baking Me Crazy
Lumpy bakes up a delicious bloody surprise.

Boo Do You Think You Are
Climb in and hold onto your skin for this House of Horrors!

Hide and Seek
A simple game of hide and seek causes Flippy to flip out!

Sweet Ride
The chase is on for sugar shock!

It's A Snap
Splendid the squirrel snaps into action.

Spare Me
Sniffles loses his head over bowling.

Happy Trails
Is this really the end of the indestructible Happy Tree Friends?

Happy Trails Part Two
Find out what really happened to the Happy Tree Friends!

Eye Candy
Candy can be very, very dangerous for your eyesight!

Rink Hijinks
It's hijinks at the roller rink with Lumpy, Flaky and Disco Bear!

Flippin Burgers
Flippy's serving up burgers and fries!

Get Whale Soon
Anchors away! It's an adventure at sea for Russell and Lumpy!

Milkin It
Got cow? Let's milk it with Lifty and Shifty!

Out of Sight, Out of Mime
What halloween treats are in store this year?

Class Act
Watch the Happy Tree Friends put on a Christmas play!

Snip Snip Hooray
What happens when Cub gets a haircut?

Eyes Cold Lemonade
Thirsty? Take a long cool sip!

The Way You Make Me Wheel
Lumpy's grooming habits lead to a heap of trouble!

Better Off Bread
Splendid answers a cry for help... and gets burned in the end!

I Get A Trick Out of You
Lumpy reveals his death inducing magic tricks to the Happy Tree Friends gang!

Shard At Work
Need a break? Watch Handy at work!

Water Way To Go
It's fun in the sun on the beach, but beware of high tide!

Out on a Limb
It's trouble in the trees for dimwitted Lumpy!

Keepin It Reel
What happens when the Happy Tree Friends go to the movies?

A Hard Act to Swallow
Find out the fastest way to an anteater's stomach!

Let It Slide
It's a totally tubular time at the water park!

Remains To Be Seen
Watch the Happy Tree Friends trick or treat!

Stealing the Spotlight
Lumpy's the dimmest bulb in the box!